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Glen Campbell – Alzheimer’s Disease

CBS News reports on Glen Campbell’s condition. 2/10/2012.

Remember When is the story of a spouse trying to cope with her husbands loss of mind and spirit while still relishing in the brief moments of clarity that th…

For Alzheimer’s care, contact Chartier Assisted Living at (650)368-4419

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  1. the whole world loves you glen

  2. now i pray for Glen, 99

  3. I have a mother with dementia whose two older brothers died from the same
    disease. In each case, it seems to be caused by an event that limited the
    flow of blood to the brain and thus caused areas of the brain to atrophy.
    The oldest brother has a stroke, the 2nd had a pacemaker installed because
    the heart wasn’t pumping blood sufficiently, and my mother was going around
    with high blood pressure for many years. One doctor speculated that she
    may have suffered a mini-stroke. I’ve read the same information about the
    heavy metals and this could have be a factor. I don’t really know, but I
    am sharing what I’ve observed so that we all may learn and figure out
    what’s behind this terrible disease.

  4. Alzheimer’s disease has a cause and our medical system is bogged down in a
    ridiculous quest to TREAT THE SYMPTOMS when the cause has now been
    identified. The cause is excess heavy metals like mercury in Amalgam
    fillings, Asbestos we now have found in Almonds & other nuts from
    California and the most devastating discovery recently by the head research
    people at MIT that have discovered that Glyphosate (Round-Up) chemical is
    the major cause! Read this study and learn folks.

  5. Love you Glen. You are in my thoughts & prayers. My Mom is suffering
    Alzheimers for 7 years now. Good thoughts for you and thank you for all of
    the great music you have given us fans!

  6. Glen I hope that this gets to you. Finally a breakthrouh to help people
    with Alzheimer’s one of the 200 diseases linked to Oxidative Stress. After
    40 years of research Dr Joe McCord has broken the Oxidative Stress Code.
    All types of inflammation have one thing in common FREE RADICALS gone WILD.
    Watch this here: ABCNewsreportvideodotcom Many people are recovering their

  7. What a shame, but at least he’s ending on a good note. His family should
    probably invest in a tracking device for him, if he is prone to
    disorientation. Many people with alzheimer’s disease, if they can still
    walk, can wander off and get lost.

  8. Our story; Alzheimers’ and Coconut Oil: Ian Blair Hamilton and Cassie
    Bond.. this is quite convincing.

  9. Hand a God on you Glen. Our mighty one..he’ll take good care of you.

  10. love you Glen Campbell…………God bless you and your family and loved

  11. why is the streaming quality so bad

  12. Hey Glen try coconut oil !

  13. He could try many different methods now successful in treating Alzheimer’s
    that Bigt Pharma won’t tell you about. There is a story of a Dr. that
    started her husband with this disease on doses of Coconut Oil and saw a
    major improvement. Heavy metal detox to remove Aluminum that is in sooo
    much of what we take in. I wish they would take him to a Naturopath. What a
    wonderful man! <3 you Glen!

  14. His wife Kim is quite beautiful!

  15. My Dad suffer’s from this terrible disease called Alzheimer’s and we
    started giving him 1 Tsp. of Turmeric with his breakfast March 21,2012 he
    was bed ridden and pretty much non-responsive. He is now talking,alert and
    awake for longer periods of time as well as taking steps with
    assistance.There is hope out there just have to look for it. Extra Virgin
    Organic Coconut oil may help as well.

  16. How wonderful that this great man has engendered the love and support of
    his family as well as his fans. It takes a very special performer to
    maintain the strong family relationship while pursuing a successful,
    lifetime show business career.

  17. oh, I just posted about this! yep! It is hard to watch people get a
    “diagnosis” and just give up… l

  18. Check out Fish and fish oil for Omega 3’s, and Coconut oil, Both are said
    to be good for memory, and the brain, and Now Alsheimers. I started on
    coconut oil on Christmas eve, and noticing my memory improving. Had some
    brain damage 23 yrs ago. Just learning about the Wrecking Crew, including
    Glen, and Loving it..

  19. my grandad had this horrible disease god bless you glen xxx

  20. Such a beautiful family, looks like a black lab lying on the floor by
    Ashley. God bless Glen

  21. Can anyone get this to Glen? .(below)

  22. Duketributechannel

    Love you Glen.. My texas ranger with the Duke… God bless you…

  23. IloveGeorgeCarlin

    This just makes me bawl.

  24. Thanks for everything, Glen.

  25. It is important for anyone suffering from Alzheimer’s disease to be able to
    depend on someone that cares about them. They may not even realize the
    things they do that are the result of this disease.

  26. Springhill Care Group

    Andrew was just 30 when he was diagnosed…………


  28. barbara bergbauer

    Thank you for posting. The cruel harsh reality of being this young is you
    will not get any help. My brother in law was diagnosed 10 years ago. A
    month ago he took a turn for the worst. He is 51 and in the final stages.
    He does not know his wife or daughter. He is a danger to himself now. My
    sister goes to work all week wondering if he will wander off or set the
    house on fire. We have all searched for an organization that will either
    help or take him. We have been turned down by everyone because of his age.
    I guess it’s just not serious unless your 65 or older. 

  29. Normal is just a cycle on the washer machine ~ Whoopi Goldberg. I love
    this quote! My mother has Alzheimer’s disease; I adopted this quote as the
    disease progressed. Check out the following video: MamaIsStillHere!

  30. My Grandmother died today. Suffered nearly 10 years. We suffered nearly 10
    years. It’s over. And it is good. She finally fall asleep.

  31. The Inspired Caregiver Book

    What a sad story. What beautiful music. Dementia (Alzheimer’s) is a cruel
    disease for all involved. Caregivers need all the help we can get as we can
    get physically, emotionally, and mentally ill from the pure stress of it.
    Thank you for this video! May we find a cure soon!

  32. Carers Help Carers

    ▶ Remember When: Alzheimer’s Story – YouTube

  33. Dementia Journeys

    ▶ Remember When: Alzheimer’s Story – YouTube

  34. I cried.

  35. I was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at the age of 52, although I suspect I
    could have been diagnosed several years before that. I make a daily
    (mostly) video and post it on youtube, search for me at Palladini971

  36. My mother has it too.

  37. My grandmother has Alzhiemer’s isease. She lives with my family. She has
    been living with my family and I since 2007 (exactly four years ago now.)
    She has ahd alzhiemer’s since I was 6. That was ten years ago. Three years
    ago, I went to go sit down at the dinner table. She looks up at me and she
    goes “Who are you?” I was taken aback because at that time, she never said
    anything like that to me or anybody else that I know of. Still in shock, I
    forced out: “I’m your granddaughter, Bethany.”

  38. awesome.

  39. @minamahalmahal The title of the movie is “Remember When”

  40. Apa cerita bahagia. Memaksa saya merasa bahagia dan hangat di dalam.
    Kegembiraan anda harus menjalar dengan cerita anda! Tak pernah karena Old
    Yeller menyebabkan film dibuat saya lebih bahagia.

  41. I have been diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia at age 47. I suffered for
    many years before the diagnosis. There need to be more awareness for when
    this or any of the dementias hit when your younger. Thank-you for making

  42. starrystarrynightz

    beautiful & very touching video…wonderful song

  43. Hey. Thanks for the comments. This was over 5 years ago, now. I used a
    Panasonic HVX200 with a Brevis (from Cinevate) 35mm adapter. I only had one
    lens at the time, and that is what I used. a 50mm f1.2 (if memory serves)
    There are much better options these days, though :) That was before the
    wide availability of large sensor cameras at low prices. Take care.

  44. Tack alla för era vänliga ord

  45. May mother has it too. . . she doesn’t know who I am anymore .

  46. beautiful!! my husband also has alzheimer’s diagnosed 4 years ago after his
    stroke he is now 58 years young…. yes its heartbreaking

  47. This was very moving…It choked me up. Good job

  48. Jadwiga Mieszkowska

    dane judi dencz

  49. Really beautifully shot and acted. Simple yet touching. A few questions:
    what camera did you use to shoot this film, and did you use any lens
    independent of the camera?

  50. Rene John Meldrum

    nice song

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